Wednesday, April 1, 2009

psychedelic freakout in the cellar

I recently played in "the cellar" at SUNY Purchase for the Fluxus Saturday festival run by Neil Fridd of Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt. The cellar is a small room just big enough to fit drums, a PA, friends, and a little extra room to rock out in. On top of that the room is lit only by black lights. This was probably my best show to date, amazing vibes from the crowd, very successful painting of my drums and myself without splashing too much in the eyes of audience members. My good friend Jessica Lehrman took some amazing pictures of the show and wrote a great review of it here: Glow In The Dust

Here are some of the pics:




Me with Dave Robison of Damiera!

Also check out my brother for life, ex-bandmate of The Medics, Will Vunderink's blog, Music Has The Right To People, he just posted a great review of my music.  Click his name to hear his music, beautiful, nostalgic, shoegazey lo-fi folk/indie rock with catchy melodies galore.